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Storm Soccer Club Policies


All Idaho Storm players, parents, coaches, and administrators will, at all times, conduct themselves in a manner that complies with the bylaws and any applicable participation rules of the Idaho Youth Soccer Association (IYSA), US Youth Soccer (USYS), the United States Soccer Federation (USSF), and the Ted Stevens Olympic and Amateur Sports Act.

Idaho Storm will seek Affiliate membership status with the Idaho Youth Soccer Association and take steps to meet any requirements necessary to remain in good standing with IYSA.

Birth Certificates

Idaho Storm makes every effort to ask for only the minimal amount of personal information needed from its players and parents. As such, we will not require parents to provide copies of their child's birth certificate.

However, it is critical that the birth date provided for every player is that players true birth date. Idaho Storm will never intentionally misrepresent the age of any of its players to any league, association, or tournament and considers it a serious ethical violation to do so. If it later is discovered that an inaccurate birth date was supplied for a player, that player will face serious sanctions up to and including expulsion from the club with no refund of any fees and receiving a permanent ban from any Idaho Storm, IYSA, or USYS sanctioned event.

Medical Release Form

Idaho Storm makes every effort to ask for only the minimal amount of personal information needed from its players and parents. When Emergency Medical Services (EMS) responds to an event involving a minor, EMS personnel will most likely not treat the minor until they have consent from a parent or are presented with a signed medical release form.

In the highly unlikely event that emergency medical services needs to be called to treat an Idaho Storm player for an injury received while participating in a sanctioned event, Idaho Storm would like for EMS to provide care to the injured player as quickly as possible. Since parents will frequently not be present while a child is participating in Idaho Storm sanctioned events it will be necessary to have a signed medical release form on location.

Idaho Storm will require each coach to have a signed medical release form for each player present at every practice, game, or other sanctioned event. The form MUST have the players name, list any allergies or medical conditions, contact information for at least one parent, and be signed. Providing the emergency contacts and insurance information is recommended but not required.

Player Commitment

Once a player signs the commitment form he or she is committed to playing soccer for Idaho Storm during the fall and spring seasons of the playing year. Once a guardian and/or parent signs the commitment form you fully understand and accept all responsibility for club dues associated with this commitment, including an immediate $100.00 non-refundable deposit and any remaining balance due no later September 1st 2018. We understand the time commitment required for this and agree to attend all required team activities. We also commit to supporting any required homework and/or assignments that will improve the player’s playing condition and skills.

Player Investment

Once the commitment form is signed and returned to Idaho Storm Soccer Club the parent and/or guardian of the player assumes all responsibility of club dues. All club dues are to be paid prior the player receiving his or her uniform kit(s). If player club dues are not paid by club due dates or payment arrangements have not been made, the player maybe suspended from participating in games and tournaments. All payment arrangements beyond regularly scheduled payments must be approved by Idaho Storm Soccer Board. If a player decides to quit or leave Idaho Storm Soccer Club before the season starts or in the middle of a season and said player has already submitted a commitment form, there will be no refunds for club dues responsible by the parent and/or guardian. Players who leave Idaho Storm Soccer Club after submitting a commitment form will not be permitted to play for another Soccer Club associated with that year. Any player interested in a release from the commitment will need to request an appeal to members of the board and explain their request. An appeal does not guarantee a player will be released from the commitment associated with the specified year. If a player is granted a release of commitment, club dues associated with the said commitment form must be paid in full.

Idaho Storm Soccer Club takes pride in providing a lower cost option for players who want to compete in soccer. Our club dues associated with each player are strict because we are required to pay these costs prior to the season. The dues associated with each player covers the cost of referee fees, field rental fees, IYSA player registration, player cards, uniform kits, goals, nets, flags, benches etc. If you have any questions or need any clarification please feel free to contact a board member.


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